Friday, November 6, 2009

Hi everybody here!

Hi everybody here!
It's nice day today, don't you think? And the world is such a wonderful place to walk around through.

I, MarHaj, Jumi grandfa, has decided to visit another places. I am leaving Jumi project these days. My current business, leadership coaching and training, needs more of my attention.

It was good time with Jumi since 2006 when Jumi was born.

Since those time Jumi obtained many many awards in JED. I will not list them here, it coudl be boring for you.

Jumi was downloaded form Jumi site 212.582 times, 136.145 of which makes downloads for Joomla! 1.5.

We developers, Ed and me, supported with fun and joy Jumi related issues in this forum - you will find more of 2.000 posts there.
And I think our users enjoyed it very well too.
Special thanks to he who contributes to Jumi code:
* Max Vlasov, who invented, proposed and coded Jumi plugin nesting possibility. Great idea, simple to implement!
* KatGirl, Joomla! forum member, who notifies me about a $ bug in a plugin. It occurred to be Joomla bug).
* Ben-work, Joomla! forum member, who solved $ bug.
* Rudolf Polzer from who notified me about the benefits of implementing absolute pathnames into Jumi.
* Fritz Elfert at who gave me a lot of thoughts material. I have used some of his ideas in Jumi already, others are still on our wish-list.

And the biggest thank to all of you, loyal Jumi users! Without you Jumi would be nothing...

Jumi project will be lead by Ed. Everybody, I think, knows him. He is the inventor and developer of
Jumi component. Ed is a developer of other Joomla! extension too. I do not know how he does that he does it well be he does. So I am not afraid about Jumi. It is in the best hands I can imagine. Definitely. I am 100% sure.

I am sure too that Ed will welcome with smile from ear to ear any developer or supporter he could lend him a hand. Is there anybody here? Just decide if it stands for some time to have a fun and enjoy yourself with Jumi.

Thanks for your attention. And bear in mind, that
... the world is such a wonderful place to walk around through!

Sincerely Yours MarHaj
P.S.: you will find all Jumi materials and files at Ed's pages from know. Update your links, please.

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Graydon said...


Thanks for bringing Jumi to all of us. It's been a great tool and I appreciate all of the great support you and Ed have given.

Good luck and thanks again,