Friday, January 9, 2009

How to become successful developer in less then 5 minutes

Miracle? Not really. In this article I will show you how to.

Just follow these five steps:
1) Find at Joomla! Extension Directory some succesfull extension. For example Jumi module 1.2.0, Jumi plugin 1.2.1 (or JBookmarks or Google map plugin or something like this).
2) Download the extension.
3) In the downloaded files substitute all information about the author and extension name and its version by yours.own ones. No need to change anything else. For example change Jumi to JRool (or JBookmarks to JShare or Google map to JMap). Choosing the eye catching name is the most difficult task in this kind of the "development".
4) Publish the extension in JED and your pages.
5) Be proud to your hard work.

You are saying it is unethical? That it is code robbery?
Bah! Who cares? is successful developer of JRool, JShare and JMap.
I bet it took them less them 5 minutes to achieve this highly wanted peak.

The same happened with GTranslate: Pradhan Manish "developed" Automatic Google Translator V2, which is actually modified GTranslate, I asked JED Team to unpublish it, but... (added by edo888)