Friday, May 15, 2009


From time to time I am surprised (see right) what code wizards can do with Jumi.

The last but not the least example is site.

Look through it via the top menu. Everything (well except the font enlarger/minimizer) non standard in the site has been developed by Djemmers (geek code name) and delivered into it via Jumi. A really great bunch of things!

Examples? Here you have got it:
  • Logo's in header with link to db,
  • module "in de databank",
  • module "Nieuwste toernooien",
  • module "Niewste kampen",
  • module "login/register" in the header,
  • page Events,
  • page Zoek events,
  • page Toevoegen,
  • page Geschiedenis.
As I said I did not understand how he had accomplished all these things but the results made to cry out


1 comment:

djemmers said...

thanks for the kind words Marhaj!

I am sure programmers won't find it so extraordinary...

But it is a nice example to see what you can do with jumi if you put a little thought and effort in it.

again, tnx for the kind words...