Friday, April 3, 2009

PreEaster Jumi Surprise - 2.1 is coming

New Jumi 2.1 is going to be released on April 7th.
It will be available for downloads from standard place.

Jumi 2.1 brings
  1. more security (available only from Joomla! 1.5.8),
  2. more flexibility,
  3. more possibilities.
1. Security
Jooma! 1.5.8 have introduced so called black/white list.
Jumi 2.1 uses this feature and Jumi plugin will not be shown if article author is on the blacklist or is not on whitelist.

2. Flexibility
Jumi plugin has got new syntax:
(jumi source_code}written_code{/jumi}
This syntax enables (with accompanying new editor-xtd plugin Jumicoder) to write codes directly into Joomla!. So now you have got three possibilities how to include the code via Jumi plugin: from a Jumi component database table, from a file or directly.

3. Possibilities
  • In Joomla! pdf representation of the articles Jumi code is rendered now. From RSS feeds it is totally sripped out (not visible).
  • Jumi plugin code can also be included into section and category descriptions now.
  • Jumi module and plugin have got so called "debug mode". If debug mode is to Off then No Jumi internal error messages will be shown in the frontend. You will see nothing instead (in place of custom code). Good for your visitors!
There are another minor changes and improvements there coming mainly from your, Jumi users, wishes.

We are not sure how Joomla! community will welcome all these - as we think positive - changes. So we decided to release Jumi 2.1 as a beta from the very beginning. But be sure we have tested it for several month and we are almost sure you will not encounter any security problem or a big bug there. Should you encounter any will you be so kind and report it to us? For example in Jumi thread at Joomla! forum. Thank you in an advance.

And, by the way, happy EASTER to all of you!!!


victor said...

Hi !

I think I just found a bug in the class.jumicoder.php file.

In the function cleanRubbish :

foreach ($cleaningTab as $key => $cleaningTab) {
$source = str_replace($key, $cleaningTab[$key], $source);

Should not be this ? :

foreach ($cleaningTab as $key => $value) {
$source = str_replace($key, $value, $source);

PS : Sorry for my English...:)

MarHaj said...

You are absolutely right! God bless you!

Sam said...

Hi Marhaj,

First of all - GREAT WORK ! You're a life saver !

I'm rather new to Joomla and we are creating a MEGA MENU for one of our websites. I have the js, css and html ready. But i am unable to add that to the top position on my template.

Any help will be appreciated. I'm a 1 man startup - just starting off on Joomla. If I could - would have hired your services. But for now - if you can give me some directions, I'll work on it.

all the thanks !


MarHaj said...

no problem.

1. You can include it directly into the template - they will be there fixed.
2. Or you can include them via Jumi on the fly - and they will be only on the paces where you need them.

I will discuss the 2nd case here.

This is technique known as injection and Joomla has its own object ($document) and methods for this.

Just include this into your custom script:

global $mainframe;
$document = &JFactory::getDocument();
$document->addStyleSheet("css filepathname"); // for .css
$document->addScript("js filepathaneme"); //for .js
$document->addCustomTag($script); // for another script into the header like js objects initialization

I hope it is clear enough.
If not there is a good documentation with examples in - see API reference.

Don said...

I could have saved a lot of time if I had realized that when using the 2.1 plugin, "jumi" must be in lower case:

{jumi} NOT {JUMI}

The previous version of Jumi on our site did not care.